Project Description

In the 17th century, the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon fed his ambition to create the best wine in the world.

This visionary and daring spirit went as far as to get invited to the table of Roi-Soleil who was won over by the quality of his wine. Three centuries later, the Maison Dom Perignon pursues the vision and the work of this exceptional craftsman, considered the spiritual father of champagne. The Dom Perignon vintages are made from the best bunches of grapes on the estate, each of them a unique creation which has its own style and identity according to its year: it is then up to the only Chef de Cave (cellar master) to declare it fit or not for consumption.

This vision appears in the guise of the subtle balance that distinguishes Dom Perignon champagne from the rest. The balance between maturity and vivacity, lightness and intensity gives the wine an ability to age with flexibility and elegance.


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