Project Description

The Barn is a promise.

Find the time and take it. Close to Paris, Le Barn is a wide opening on the impressive and historic land of Haras de la Cense. Feel at home. Welcomed by nature, the peace and tranquility of a morning in fresh air and meadows inspire long walks and horse-riding in the forest.

Take a break there.

The nature is nourished there. Plots of land produce seasonal fruit all year round as part of responsible farming initiative which are then served in the restaurant. You can go and pick some yourself!

The barn is a new hotel

The barn is spilt into two authentic farmhouses built from corrugated iron and other metal structures in the style of the Eiffel tower, hosting a large number of rooms in the hotel. This functionalist architecture is totally integrated into nature. A 19th century farmhouse joined by barns and a mill, has been converted into a restaurant with a large kitchen and other functional spaces. You have a view of nature everywhere you turn.

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