The Boutique Philosophy


It is in Montmartre, right at the bustling and cinematic heart of Paris, that La Boutique RP hones its unique philosophy.

La Boutique RP could be compared to a workshop because we all adhere to certain principles that lie at the foundation of our agency,
including passion, commitment, honesty and a desire to not take ourselves too seriously.

Both new start-ups and well-known, household name brands come to us at La Boutique RP, not only to make use of our impressive
list of contacts, but above all because of our desire to find true meaning in every single job we complete.

Among our clients are some of the men, women and companies that make the world what it is today.
Whether working on projects to do with travel, well-being or lifestyle, La Boutique RP strives to support the creative minds behind innovative projects, some of which are particularly attractive because they have stood the test of time.

Because our clients know how to connect with their modern audience and anticipate their needs and aspirations, they inspire our team of female professionals, who provide a creative network and bring together PR and influence to build a solid and reliable reputation.

When it comes to lifestyle and travel, all journeys, whether long or short, have over time become our agency’s speciality, making each new partnership into a new beginning, an opportunity. A reason to discover who we truly are: curious individuals, foodies, lovers of beautiful things, of quality products and of others, dreaming of new destinations and experiences.

We are individuals on the move.

It is to these individuals – clients, readers, followers, new ‘consumers’ in a world of constant change – that La Boutique offers its words, its ideas, its focus.

Because it’s the small things that make great partnerships.

And that’s how we work.

La Boutique RP

Our Showcase

T H E  C L I E N T S

The LAB’

T A L E N T   &   S T A R T – U P S

La Boutique RP unveils its newest offering known as The LAB, designed to assist talent and start-ups.

With The LAB, La Boutique RP is committed to offering a creative, versatile and global service to the iconic players of our time, who are passionate about shaking things up in their industry.

PR & Reputation

O U R   E X P E R T I S E

PR is undoubtedly one of the industries most impacted by new developments. Inspired by those who make today’s world what it is, what drives us is to engage in conversations and explore new avenues of expression.

Times have changed and in turn revolutionised the diffusion of information, allowing every individual to now be considered as a media resource.

Campaigns may be more creative, but they are above all more multifaceted. More than ever, our role is to adapt the discourse, choose who to address it to,
imagine and anticipate how it will be distributed and most of all, why it will truly have meaning in today’s landscape.

Within our network of journalists, influencers, consultants and artists, we create exchanges and generate interactions between them all, in order to ultimately bring about a desire to communicate and share.

It is the sincerity of the connections we make with each and every person, which truly makes us different.

From strategic vision, editorial production and social media operations to the design of creative or event-driven campaigns, La Boutique RP builds a real ecosystem of influence for its clients on a daily basis.

Our Story

T H E  L A D I E S  O F  L A  B O U T I Q U E

The PR Boutique is first and foremost the story of a chance encounter between Sandrine Staub and Clarisse Dupuis in 2001. Although fifteen years separated them, the same carefree attitude and desire to accomplish wonderful things brought them together from that day forward.

They worked together for a long time, before joining an international group for 5 years. In 2012 the adventure took a new turn, which involved an acquisition: that of the press office where Sandrine had started her career.

Somewhere between a small and a big agency, La Boutique RP was born.

An agency that reflects their style, capable of producing great things, while offering a very human partnership. An agency constantly on the move, which knows how to move away from the ordinary ways of thinking in order to reinvent itself.

Accompanied by their team, who are driven by the same enthusiasm and the same high standards, they now join and assist those who make the world what it is today.

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